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Reverend Kingbolt (Trans Black)

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A sleek new body design, a simple yet effective control layout, and a Wilkinson tremolo system the stays in tune without the hassle of a locking nut! The revolutionary Railhammer Hyper Vintage bridge and Hyper Vintage neck pickups take it to another level, for the ultimate bolt-on rock guitar. 


-Railhammer Pickups
-Dark Roasted Maple Neck
-Korina Body 
-Bass Contour
-Pin-Lock Tuners
-Initialed Headstock
-Wilkinson WVS50 IIK Tremolo
-Vari-Claw Tremolo Claw
-Custom Dome Knobs
-Bonenite Nut
-Triple-Tree String Tree
-Dual-Action Truss Rod
-Six-Bolt Neck Plate
-Angled Neck Heel
-Custom Jack Plate
-Pure Tone Jack
-Treble Bleed Circuit
-10% Pots
-10% Poly Caps