Lesson Policies

Edited on 01/01/2022 

School Policies

(A) All tuition is paid through our auto-billing system only. No Cash or checks will be accepted. (Purchase orders through Charter schools upon approval) Tuition is based on a monthly schedule. There is a one time non refundable registration fee of $25 due at confirmation of lessons for administration cost and management. Tuition rate for standard half hour lessons is $145 per month billed on the first of the month through our auto-billing system (Tuition Rates vary among different programs, billing dates apply to all programs). Billing is on the 1st day of every month (however processing is dependent upon your financial institution)

(B) Students receive 10% discounts on everything in the store (does not include negotiated deal prices). 20% off repairs to instruments. Discounted rental price on Stage Door (venue/rehearsal space). Students receive dicounted rates on clinics and seminars and even enter for free dependent on the event.

(C) We DO NOT offer makeup lessons for student absence or cancellation.
With 24 hour notice you can reschedule same week or schedule an online lesson (dependent upon teacher availabilty). No credits or refunds will be offered or extended due to student absence. Late students will only receive the duration of the remaining lesson (example: if you show up at 2:45 and lesson ends at 3pm you only recieve a 15 minute lesson). We treat this like a subscription in other words "You use it or you lose it." Similar to other subscriptions such as a gym membership. If you do not use the services offered, that is the sole responsibility of the purchasee. We do not offer refunds for non activity on you lesson account.

Under the special circumstance of a credit/lesson banked, it expires after 30 days if not used. (Special Circumstances include but are not limited to family death, illness/spreadable/infectious disease or ailment, injury, etc)

We require a 15-day written advanced notice before the next billing period for stopping lessons. There is no partial refunds for lessons not taken within the month. Please make sure all cancellation requests and emails go to lesson@impulsemusicco.com. 

Fighting a charge after not adhering to the cancellation policies will result in a permanent ban from Impulse Music Company and any IMC Affiliates

(D) Teacher absense can/will result in a refund for the time period of the lesson. A substitute teacher (if available) can be scheduled for teacher absense planned in advance. Private lessons (Lesson plans can differ in length) are one-half hour in length. Students who arrive late will receive instruction only for the remainder of their scheduled lesson (as previously mentioned Teachers have many students and cannot run late into the next lesson.)

(E) Parents will be held responsible for damage caused by their child to equipment and property located at Impulse Music Company and any equipment being borrowed for event, performance workshop, etc. (No exceptions)

(F) If a child is deemed sick or contagious upon arrival they will be sent home with no lesson or reschedule. If you or you child are sick, please stay home and complete your lesson via online medium as all of our instructors offer online lessons as well.

(G) A credit card is required to be kept on file at all times for payment of lessons. Impulse Music Company does not keep your private information on file, or have access to such information. All credit/debit/ACH info is stored through Teacherzone.com who stores all student/client information via cloud encryption. More information about Teacherzones Privacy policy here www.teacherzone.com .
If your card is rejected and payment is not processed for lessons by the 5th of the month being billed for, we withhold the right to refuse or cancel lessons until payment processing has been rectified. Delinquent Accounts will not be able to continue lessons even after cancellation, until paid in full. Fighting a charge after not adhering to the cancellation policies will result in a permanent ban from Impulse Music Company. We DO NOT accept cash or checks for payment of lessons.

(H) Parents and Students need to be respectful of teachers and staff at Impulse Music Company. All of our staff witholds the right to refuse service based upon any actions that students or parents commit. Ultimately be respectful. 

(I) Cancellation of lessons before participating in the first lesson/first month is allowed, however will only result in a partial 50% refund of the first month due to booking time that could have been reserved for other attending students. 

(J) I have read and understand the school policy.

We feel Impulse Music Company is one of the finest Music Schools in the Santa Clarita Valley. Our professionalism and dedication will assure you we are the best possible foundation for music education.


Subject to Change due to state and federal legislation regarding COVID-19

Please note that you are taking lessons at your own risk (Note added 11/01/2020)

Absolutely no parents in the room, until consulted with administration and approved.

If you have come into contact with someone with COVID-19 please do not show up and inform the Administration at Impulse Music Company immediately. (lessons@impulsemusicco.com or (661) 259-5397

During this time we require either a 14 day quarantine period for you/your student or a negative COVID-19 test to be produced.

During this 14 day quaratine period you can take Lessons via skype/zoom arranged with your instructor through our app. 

We do not offer refunds for absence due to COVID-19

"What if my instructor tests positive?"?

During this time we require a negative COVID-19 test to be produced and they will quarantine until the rapid test yields a result. All Students and Parents will be notified of possible contamination and advised to quaratine. Further action and instruction regarding the situation will be relayed via the administration as the situation unfolds.?


(1) Does my child/student need to be Vaccinated for Covid19?

No they do not. In order to participate in shows however your child may need to be vaccinated OR you can present a NEGATIVE COVID-19 test within 3 days of Performances dependent upon the performance venue in question. The whole music industry is moving to ensure safely that no one gets infected or spreads the virus at Live concerts ever again. The venues that we work with require vaccinations for COVID-19 for performers, and concert goers. Some venues will allow for a negative covid test to be presented so long as it is within 3 days, but most venues are NOT making this exception, and unless you have the vaccination we cannot guarantee participation in every live performance.

(Regulation is dependent upon what vaccination tier is open at the time and who is eligible)


By Registering and participating in lessons at Impulse Music Company (KG Music Center LLC) You have accepted any and all terms/policies regarding our Lesson Programs and future changes made to our policies. 
Please note that all the policy information is to ensure the best operating potential of our business and to keep everyone safe and accountable.

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