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All of our teachers are pros in the industry! Our facility is equipped with 10 lesson rooms, 2 of them have  acoustic drums sets (for both teacher and student), 8 rooms with electric pianos/keyboard and amplifiers. The whole academy is integrated through an app!

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The Stage Door

Our Performance Venue “The Stage Door” features a full grand piano, acoustic drum set, guitar and bass amplifiers, a PA sound system, professional stage lights, and seating for up to 60 people (Standing room for 80- 100). The perfect setting for our performance program, clinics, seminars, and open mic nights. You can also rent the stage out for rehearsals!

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With a passion for instruments and education, we take pride in a complete service, from teaching and building up the creative minds of students, to providing them with the right tools from our store. Our sales floor is more than 2,000 sqft, where you will find everything you need; a cozy paradise for the modern musician. We work diligently to stay up to date with all the new tech and everything related to the world of guitar, amplification, effects and more. Impulse Music Company offers professional repair services to keep your instrument performing at its best. Our team maintains a strong, up-to-date online presence and most of our clients find us through Reverb, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and of course, our website.

The Founders

Impulse Music Co. is a music gear store and music school located in Santa Clarita. It was originally founded by Dennis Weber in 1989 as KGMC (Keyboard Galleria Music Center). Fast forward to summer 2020, CJ Hockenbury (former employee) and Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro (Really Slow Motion) teamed up to revitalize the business and Impulse Music Company was born.

CJ (Left) was raised in Reno (Nevada), he showed an interest in music from a very young age inspired by his piano player mom. He got a lot of experience and interest in gear working for different music stores. He moved to LA in 2014 to pursue a music career and ended up finding KGMC, in which he was an employee as a repair technician for 4 years before he took over the business at the age of 25! He is gaining a good reputation on Tik-Tok with his comedy and educational videos about Impulse Music Company He’s been involved in many different music projects such as Calling Kings, his latest project Ipsofakto is a mix of many genres in a musical duo of an 8 string guitar, vocals and drums.

Agus (Right), born in Barcelona, spent a long time in the UK building a music career. He shared stage time and tours with the likes of Rick Altzi (Masterplan/Gathering of Kings), Alex Landenburg (Stratovarius, Kamelot, Annihilator) and recorded under the production of Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) in his studio in Varberg (Sweden) among others. In 2013, Agus started his music production company: Really Slow Motion. Writing alone, with other writers and producing and publishing all that material by himself, Really Slow Motion ́s music has been featured in over a thousand movies and TV shows for the last 8 years, including all the new features of the Star Wars saga, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, Pirates of The Caribbean, Transformers.

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