Reverend Guitars Rick Vito Signature Soul Shaker (Orchid Pink)

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Designed with the undisputed slide master Rick Vito, but great for everyone! The Reverend Rick Vito Signature Soulshaker is a single cut set-neck with a pair of humbuckers emblazoned with Rick’s deco triangle motif. Designed to be well-balanced for slide players like Rick, the neck has a single-action truss rod for lighter weight while the body is strategically chambered for a well-balanced guitar. The back of the neck is finished in satin for smooth and comfortable playing and topped with a speedy ebony fretboard. The checkerboard binding is custom-made just for us. The Pearloid tops are carefully selected for that retro-deco feel that Rick loves. A genuinely unique guitar that is both elegant and playable.

Equipped with Reverend's proprietary custom pickups, to achieve the best tonal match with our instruments. Reverend pickups are also specifically designed for each position, for balanced volume and tone when switching. 

Korina (aka White Limba) is a medium-light weight wood, highly prized for consistency and tonal qualities. Often found in boutique and vintage instruments, all Reverends feature Korina bodies. A highly resonant wood, Korina is a key factor to producing their lively, responsive instruments that are rich in harmonics.

The strategically placed chambers increase body resonance for a more lively and responsive tone, and reduces weight.

The unique binding is a throwback to the cool guitars from the 1930's, and sets off the look of this guitar perfectly.

The guitar is gloss finish, but Reverend gave the back of the neck a satin finish, for a smooth, comfortable, broken-in feel that plays like butter.

The Bigsby tremolo system feels great and stays in tune all night long! Reverend installs a custom Soft Touch spring into all their Bigsbys for easy, smooth action. The roller bridge works with their Pin-Lock tuners and Boneite nut to create a system that strings glide through every time.

 A thumbwheel under the tuner pushes a steel pin up through the post, locking the string in place for exceptional tuning stability and super-fast string changes.

Every Reverend is hand initialed and serial numbered on the back of the headstock by one of their highly skilled technicians who sets up, inspects, and tests every instrument.

In classic Art Deco fashion, this guitar features custom "cupcake" knobs, with a highly visible indicator dot, and ribbed sides for your gripping pleasure.

Reverend uses "Boneite," a synthetic bone nut, that is more consistent than natural bone, on all Reverend instruments. It reduces friction, allowing the strings to slide through the nut slots smoothly, improving tuning stability.

Reverend's proprietary jack plate features four mounting screws, instead of two. The extra screws prevent the plate from tearing out of the body. Made of steel for durability, the laser etched logo adds an extra touch of class!

All Reverends use an upgraded jack by Pure Tone Technologies. A standard jack has single contacts, but the Pure Tone jack has dual contacts for improved grip, audio signal and reliability. The most dependable guitar jack available.

All Reverend guitars have a treble bleed circuit, preserving the treble when you roll back the volume control. When you roll back a standard volume control, the tone loses treble and becomes dull sounding. Now you can turn down and still sound great!

Reverend uses Alpha control pots with a +-10% rating. While a typical pot is +-20%, their pots are built to tighter specifications, making them more consistent. Typically used in expensive boutique guitars, but standard issue in all Reverends.

Reverend uses caps with a +-10% rating, while a typical cap is +-20%. These caps are made to tighter specifications, so they’re more consistent. Made of polyester, they’re also longer lasting, and less affected by temperature than cheaper ceramic caps. Typically used in expensive boutique guitars.


Body Shape: Shoul Shaker
Body Finish: Gloss
Body Wood: Chambers Korina w/ Solid Maple Top
Neck Wood: Three Piece Korina 
Neck Finish: Gloss
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
Neck Back Shape: Medium Oval 
Fingerboard Radius: 12"
Scale: 24.75"
Frets: 22 - 0.110"W x 0.050"H
43mm Width - Boneite
Bridge Pickup: HA5 Bridge
Neck Pickup: HA5 Neck
Tuning Machines: Reverend Pin-Lock
Bridge: Bigsby B-50 with Roller Bridge
Color: Chrome

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