Messiah Guitars Dandelion Fuzz Drive Guitar Pedal

Sale price$199.00

Inspired by Japanese overdrive effects, Dandelion is an op-amp drive pedal with a tendency to fuzz. It produces a considerable amount of fuzz with a moderate noise floor. Use as an overdrive, or crank it up to produce a well-tracking fuzz.

Experiment with a combination of settings to achieve a wide variety of overdriven and fuzzy tones!

This version accepts a battery (not included) as well as a standard center negative 9V pedal power supply. To preserve the battery when the pedal is not on use, unplug the input cable. Plugging in a power supply will automatically disconnect the battery even if the input is plugged in.

The pedal is true bypass.


The effect features three rotary controls, and a lighted foot switch.

The FOOT SWITCH activates the fuzz and lights up purple.


Boost sets the amount of gain you require.


Tone spans a wide range of frequencies from bass to treble.


Level sets the overall volume of the effect. In combination with other controls, this setting also affects the boundaries between overdrive and fuzz.

Handmade in Los Angeles, California. 

Approximate dimensions (125B enclosure): 

122 x 67 x 60mm (4.8 x 2.65 x 2.35")

Approximate weight (without battery): 

9.7oz (275g) 

(version 1.1)

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