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Lakota Leathers Guitar Strap

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All Lakota Leathers guitar straps are made from Bison (American Buffalo) leather. These straps work great for both acoustic and electric guitars. Each strap has a 36" main body and a 24" tail section. These pieces weave together to create an approximate maximum length of 58" and a minimum length of 37". Of course, they are completely adjustable. Our 3" straps are especially nice for electric bass players and Les Paul players, or anyone with a heavy instrument. Bison leather is incredibly supple, yet will support the heaviest electric guitar. These straps are very strong yet can be rolled up and tucked away right under your headstock or case pocket. You simply have to feel one of our buffalo hide straps in order to appreciate them! These are the softest most comfortable straps you will use. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!