Messiah Guitars Eddie Overdrive

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is a dual pedal containing two separate effects - a one knob MOSFET booster, and a soft-clipped drive pedal with a 3-band EQ. The pedal also features a mode switch allowing a selection of wither sione-knoblicon diode clipping for a traditional compressed overdrive and LED clipping for a more open, amp-like tone. The drive section also offers a tight switch, that eliminates some of the bottom end from the input signal to help you cut through the mix. More headroom is provided by an internal charge pump that runs the pedal at 18V, while being powered by a standard 9V pedal power supply. The EQ alone lets the drive emulate many sounds reminiscent of other favored overdrive pedals. The booster is a straight-through, transparent booster that works great on its own. Since it's placed before the drive in the chain, using it at the same time as the drive can bring the drive to a moderately heavy distortion territory. The foot switches are illuminated to let you know when your effects are on. In addition, the drive switch will change illumination color according to which mode is selected. The pedal is a true bypass, using a pair of optocouplers to isolate the LED lights for a switch click reduction.

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