Repair Shop Policies

Thank you for choosing Impulse Music Co to get your instuement repaired!

We repair guitars, amps, drums, basses, keyboards and many other items used in the music industry. Below are the policies listed for the repair shop:


All items in question for repair have no official estimated time of completion. Repairs are taken on a first come first serve basis, there is no jumping ahead in line expediting the repair process or anything of the sort and solely based on the technician's discretion in the order of which repairs will be complete. Picking up your instrument before a repair is exectuted only to bring it back later will put you at the end of the repair queue if any repairs have been brought into Impulse Music Company.

All items/instruments/technology/accessories are subject to our abandoned property rule. If a repair is complete and the bill is not paid the item in question is subjected to our 90 day policy. If and when a invoice/bill is not paid for more than 90 days the property is now considered abandoned, and will be resold or consildated in a way Impulse Music Co deems fit to recooperate the cost of labor or the parts used. 

All issues with any repairs must be brought to the attention of the technician, miscommunication, abusive/agressive behavior, public defamation, will be considered as an automatic ban from the store. 

PERSONAL ITEMS: We are not responsible in any scenario for objects/items/personal belongings that are in any respective case or container that the instrument or item in question is delivered to Impulse Music Co with. 

Impulse Music Co. reserves the right to excuse any of the above policies on a case-by-case basis. 


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