Rehearsal Space Policies

Welcome to Impulse Music Company's Stage Door!

Thank you for choosing us as your rehearsal space!

Please adhere to the following guidelines for the best possible results

We take great pride in the cleanliness and professionalism of our facility. 

Inside we suppply:

x1 PA system


x2 15w Messiah Imp Tube Amp Combos


x3 Shure PG48A Micrphones


x1 Walrus Canvas Stereo D.I. 


x1 Dark Glass 4x10 Cab (Amp head upon request for rental)


x1 Tama Kit (Cymbals and Snare upon request for rental)


x1 Full Grand Piano 1964 Baldwin L

A form of identification is needed to book the room

A credit card will be held on file for any and all damages. 

Do not leave any trash or you will be charged a cleaning fee on your next booking.

No smoking, drinking or drugs allowed inside facility at anytime.

Violation of that will result in a permanent ban from our facility.

The Renting Party is liable for any damage inflicted upon the facilities equipment including but not limited:

Spilling water on electronics, amps, mixers, breaking knobs, breaking grill clothes of amps, stabbing drumheads with sticks, 

(this does not include wear and tear on tubes, speakers, drum heads, piano tuning)

Direspecting the the facility or employees in anyway will result in automatic expulsion from the facility and ban from Impulse Music Co. 


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