Nektar Midiflex 4 4 Port Flexible Midi Interface

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The Nektar MIDIFLEX 4 USB MIDI interface brings flexible MIDI connections to any MIDI setup on MacOS, Windows or iOS. The 4 MIDI ports can be configured as 1 in / 3 out, 2 in / 2 out or 4 out interface – and if you need even more ports, simply connect another MIDIFLEX 4 to expand your MIDI power!

No driver required: The MIDIFLEX 4 is USB class-compliant, so setup is practically instant! Simply connect the MIDIFLEX 4 to your computer and the ports become available in your DAW software’s MIDI settings.

Automatic port detection: Even better, MIDIFLEX 4 also automatically detects if a MIDI In- or Output is connected and displays the setting with its MIDI port LED indicators. So just connect your external MIDI gear and let MIDIFLEX do the rest. The 4 LEDs indicate if a port is configured as In- or Output.

Expand your ports with multiple units: We know that it’s never enough – if you need more ports, simply connect another MIDIFLEX 4 for more ports! For instance with 3 MIDIFLEX 4, you could build a system with 4 MIDI Ins and 8 MIDI Outs! And if that’s still not enough, you could always add another one…

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