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Slingerland Super Gene Krupa Radio King Drums (1936-1940) (USED)

  • $749.99

Own a small piece of history! 

All original nickel over brass hardware with a medium wood black, combination cowbell and wood black holder, and a matching conga drum (not an original Slingerland). 

The original short bass drum lugs were replaced with the longer model streamline lugs of the same era. 

Set includes: 

  • 9x13 Tom w/ Engraved Single Flange Hoops 
  • 14x24 Bass Drum w/ #721 Spurs 
  • Suregrip Cymbal Holder w/ Vintage 13' Thin Zildjian Cymbal with crack near bell) 
  • #836 Krupa Hi-Hat Stand 
  • #1376 Cowbell 
  • #1377 Cowbell
  • Matching Conga Drum (Not Original Slingerland)